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#118 ShareBack App for Donations Housing

I'm often asked at grocery and other stores to make a small donation to a cause - often a cause that I may not have a personal tie to. I am (fortunately and thankfully) able to spare this cost, however I would like to be able to choose where this donation goes and potentially give it to the store to help someone in need.

#240 Clean Air Benches Health & Wellness

Baltimore is heavily affected by air pollution and poor air quality(Source: https://www.baltimorebrew.com/2018/06/27/measuring-smog-and-particulates-report-ranks-baltimore-air-pollution-among-worst-in-u-s/)

#241 Preventing and Addressing Water Pollution Public Safety

Around 2,000 fish in a Leakin Park stream were killed September 13 when a water main break caused chlorinated water to flow into the stream. It took the government three days to act after the leak was discovered due to poor communication and a lack of response to 311 calls from a concerned citizen. (Source: https://www.baltimorebrew.com/2019/09/13/water-main-break-causes-fish-kill-in-leakin-park/#comments)

#228 Technology in Lower Income Schools Education

Lower income schools in Baltimore have fewer resources available to provide technology to students.

#229 Using Coding Education to Address Wealth Inequality Education

Poverty can be cyclical, with poor families unable to acquire the money needed to sponsor higher education and trade school opportunities for the next generation.

#230 Improve Chase Brexton Health Care Health & Wellness

Chase Brexton Health Care is a health care network that began as a gay men's health clinic and expanded to serve a diverse set of patients. Chase Brexton is one of two health care centers in Baltimore that deeply specializes in gender affirming medical services, and it is an important resource for LGBTQ+ people and Spanish-speaking people in Baltimore. However, the Chase Brexton patient portal has been slow to update and has an unattractive, hard to navigate user interface. Services that are meant to work through the portal, such as online bill pay and appointment scheduling, are broken or nonexistent, which can be frustrating and inconvenient for patients.