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#258 StressedDesert App - Food Insecurity Health & Wellness

Youth in Baltimore who are unable to feed themselves may resort to stealing, selling drugs, or prostitution to get money for food. https://www.facebook.com/L4LCoach/videos/2781580038521952/

#259 Incentivize Businesses to Invest in Higher Ed Housing

When community members consider college, they are interested in options that allow them to pay without taking out loans. (https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2019/09/23/mcdonalds-to-add-700-new-jobs-across-baltimore-offer-up-to-3k-a-year-in-college-financial-aid/)

#260 Baby-Friendly Spaces in Baltimore Health & Wellness

Because having a child is such a massive life change, new parents are at great risk of losing friends after the birth of their baby. But they need external social interactions after the birth more than ever before. https://www.todaysparent.com/family/parenting/i-never-expected-to-lose-so-many-friends-after-becoming-a-parent/

#261 Queer-Friendly Jobs App Workforce Development

Baltimore has a beautiful and thriving queer community, and its LGBTQI+ culture is a big part of what makes Baltimore what it is. But despite our city's often vocal LGBTQI+ pride, queer Baltimoreans still face prejudice, discrimination, and violence. And employment is one area that can be particularly difficult for queer -- and more specifically, trans -- folks to navigate safely.

#262 Bridge App - Bringing the Community Together Workforce Development

It can be easy to think of a challenge in Baltimore, and at times it can even be easy to identify a solution, but it can be more difficult to pin down who may be impacted, who may be already working on something, and how to engage/get involved.

#249 Farmer's market to city supply chain management Health & Wellness

Every Sunday morning from late April to late December one of the largest Farmer's markets in Maryland takes place beneath 83 in the center of the city. Farmer's come from across Maryland to sell their produce but due to many factors Maryland farmers are having a hard time balancing work, life, and finances. At the same time parts of Baltimore city have little to no access to health food. There are volunteers who'd like to help deliver food and the farmers are there to sell everything they got but it's hard to coordinate all of that with the actual people in need. I'm not sure this fits but there are many Baltimore small business that could use the exposure of an event like the farmers market. I'm thinking maybe we could purchase a table every week at the market and have a different local vendor showcase then use the rest of the space to gather food, parcel it, and hand it to volunteer drivers? Is it possible to build a mobile app that: 1) community members can sign into to express their need 2) volunteers can register for days and how long they can work 3) small business vendors can register to showcase and sell their products 4) farmers can know exactly what to bring and how much we will give them for it References: - https://www.promotionandarts.org/events-festivals/baltimore-farmers-market-bazaar - https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/economy_and_business/agriculture/the-hidden-loss-maryland-farmers-confront-rising-suicide-rates/article_8bcfba91-638e-581e-8077-5ea49d978222.html - https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-ci-food-desert-rebrand-20180117-story.html