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#6 Youth Engagement & Support / Resources Public Safety

There is a lack of resources and support available to youth in Baltimore, and this lack of support can lead youth to engage in negative behaviors that impact their health and the health of their communities.

#7 Youth Public Perception Public Safety

There is a widespread negative perception of Baltimore youth and public safety. This view of city youth promotes fear, leading city residents and visitors to feel less safe than they are.

#9 Transportation Modes - Lack of access to different modes of transportation Transportation

Baltimore is a car-centric city that lacks diverse, safe, and accessible alternative modes of transportation. This makes it difficult for non-drivers and those who cannot afford to drive to easily get to different parts of the city and surrounding areas.

#10 Lack of reliable transportation methods Transportation

Public transportation in Baltimore (bus, light rail, etc.) is unreliable — trains and buses in our city often come extremely late or never arrive at all. Baltimoreans and visitors to our city deserve reliable public transit.

#12 Unemployment - Opportunity Seekers Needing Help Workforce Development

Although unemployment rates have been steadily dropping in Baltimore, this is still a major issue in the City. Despite Baltimore’s strong startup community and a growing job market, opportunity seekers struggle to find jobs that align with their skill sets and passions, while employers struggle to find and retain qualified candidates.