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#7 Youth Public Perception Public Safety

There is a widespread negative perception of Baltimore youth and public safety. This view of city youth promotes fear, leading city residents and visitors to feel less safe than they are.

#9 Transportation Modes - Lack of access to different modes of transportation Transportation

Baltimore is a car-centric city that lacks diverse, safe, and accessible alternative modes of transportation. This makes it difficult for non-drivers and those who cannot afford to drive to easily get to different parts of the city and surrounding areas.

#10 Lack of reliable transportation methods Transportation

Public transportation in Baltimore (bus, light rail, etc.) is unreliable — trains and buses in our city often come extremely late or never arrive at all. Baltimoreans and visitors to our city deserve reliable public transit.

#12 Unemployment - Opportunity Seekers Needing Help Workforce Development

Although unemployment rates have been steadily dropping in Baltimore, this is still a major issue in the City. Despite Baltimore’s strong startup community and a growing job market, opportunity seekers struggle to find jobs that align with their skill sets and passions, while employers struggle to find and retain qualified candidates.