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#14 Mental Health Support Health & Wellness

Mental health impacts everyone. Depression, addiction, physical and emotional trauma, violence, and PTSD are just a few of the factors that impact the mental health of tens of thousands of Baltimore residents.

#15 Intentional Investing Housing

While there are investors who are committed to working with the community and not perpetuating systemic inequality, they don't have sufficient resources, networks, and knowledge to develop equity without displacing current residents.

#2 Environment/Infrastructure - Building Maintenance Education

There has been a lack of consistent upkeep of Baltimore City Public School (BCPS) buildings in recent years. Students don't feel valued when they have to learn in old, poorly-maintained buildings, and structures that lack necessary amenities (such as adequate heat and air conditioning) not only inhibit student learning, but can be hazardous to students' health.

#3 Infrastructure/Environment - Safety Education

Students feel unsafe when they come to school, because their safety is threatened by a variety of issues in their schools and in their communities (including violence and drug abuse).

#4 Teacher Resources for Education in City Public Schools Education

Teachers and administrators are underpaid and under-supported, especially in underfunded schools, inhibiting their ability to serve their students fully.

#5 Educational/School Programming Education

Programming in schools does not address the whole child or consider adjustments that may need to be made for different student populations.