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#267 Lead Testing Data Health & Wellness

Though elevated blood levels of lead in children are on the decline, only a little more than half of children between 1 and 2 are getting tested for lead poisoning. (source: https://www.wbaltv.com/article/new-push-to-eliminate-lead-poisoning-in-baltimore/29234579)

#269 MTA MobilityLink App Transportation

MTA's MobilityLink program provides people with disabilities who can't use the MTA fixed route system with specialized transit services. However, the program has some serious problems: 22% of 160,000 drivers were late in March of 2019, and residents have been stranded for over four hours waiting for late drivers. Sources: https://www.mta.maryland.gov/mobility https://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-md-mta-mobility-rides-20190404-story.html

#270 Accessible Maps Plugin Transportation

For people who use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, finding accessible routes can be challenging. And while accessible apps like Access Earth (https://access.earth) are amazing resources that provide users with information on accessible places to eat and drink, sleep, shop, and go out and about, mainstream mapping applications like Google Maps and Waze don't currently enable users to find accessible routes.

#271 Smart Traffic Lights Transportation

Baltimore has some real traffic problems. Accidents are incredibly common, and, especially during rush hour, drivers can get stuck for hours in city traffic.

#272 Tracking the Impact of New Development in Baltimore Housing

"Up and coming' is a term that is used when referring to many Baltimore neighborhoods. But what is the impact of major development projects on the community? This is something that can be more nebulous and difficult to track.

#273 Leap Alert - Communication Assistance Health & Wellness

There aren't many resources available that help children with autism and other developmental/communication-related disabilities to comfortably and safely communicate with others (Source: https://devpost.com/software/leap-alert).