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#270 Accessible Maps Plugin Transportation

For people who use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, finding accessible routes can be challenging. And while accessible apps like Access Earth (https://access.earth) are amazing resources that provide users with information on accessible places to eat and drink, sleep, shop, and go out and about, mainstream mapping applications like Google Maps and Waze don't currently enable users to find accessible routes.

#271 Smart Traffic Lights Transportation

Baltimore has some real traffic problems. Accidents are incredibly common, and, especially during rush hour, drivers can get stuck for hours in city traffic.

#272 Tracking the Impact of New Development in Baltimore Housing

"Up and coming' is a term that is used when referring to many Baltimore neighborhoods. But what is the impact of major development projects on the community? This is something that can be more nebulous and difficult to track.

#273 Leap Alert - Communication Assistance Health & Wellness

There aren't many resources available that help children with autism and other developmental/communication-related disabilities to comfortably and safely communicate with others (Source: https://devpost.com/software/leap-alert).

#274 BaltiWatch - Neighboorhood Clean-up Health & Wellness

"Past improper disposal, leaks, hazardous materials and wastes have resulted in tens of thousands of sites across our country that have contaminated our land, water (ground water and surface water), air (indoor and outdoor). This also happens in our neighborhood, which may even affect the health of our community. As part of the Baltimore community, we want to help with this issue by providing a report platform that makes the handling of trash, biohazards, etc. easier and quicker. Additionally, it helps to get our community involved in neighborhood cleanup by building a reward system." (Source: https://devpost.com/software/baltiwatch)

#242 Facilitating Trauma Care for Baltimore Youth Health & Wellness

On Monday, September 9, police responded to reports of a body hanging near a Baltimore City school, with the cause of death suspected to be suicide. Though spokeswoman Detective Nicole Monroe stated that no children could have observed the body due to police intervention, school staff say that multiple students stated they'd seen the body and had been traumatized by the incident. These school officials felt that the City has not efficiently equipped public schools to provide adequate mental healthcare to students after traumatic events like this (https://www.baltimorebrew.com/2019/09/12/trauma-and-anger-after-a-body-is-discovered-hanging-near-a-baltimore-school/).