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#87 Street Lights and Public Safety Public Safety

Streetlights are a key public safety tool in urban areas, but lighting in some Baltimore neighborhoods is limited and it doesn't always come on at the right times.

#84 Bulk Trash Pick Up App Health & Wellness

Bulk trash pickups are sporadic causing trash to pile up in the neighborhoods and main street. Solution - an app that would notify residents when their trash is scheduled to be picked up.

#60 Re-entry Portal Workforce Development

Formerly incarcerated residents often have a hard time reentering society and don't have all of the resources they need in one place to restart their lives.

#61 Baltimore City Health Dashboard - Causes of Death Health & Wellness

The Baltimore City Health Department wants to be able to track in near real-time the causes of death across the city.

#62 Education on Proper Use of Technology Education

Kids have access to technology but don't know how to use it well, and they tend to use it for entertainment.

#63 Baltimore Version of Citizens App Public Safety

Baltimore citizens need better ways to report and flag crime.