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#77 Health Department Internal Referral Form

The Health Department encompasses multiple divisions that make referrals to each other, and there is currently no standardized referral system in place.

Champion Name

Shelly Choo


Baltimore City Health Department


Jun 27, 2022


Aug 16, 2019


Why it matters

A lack of standardized referral system makes it harder to organize referrals and report outcomes for the Health Department. This negatively impacts citizens, social workers, and treatment providers who rely on the Health Department to correctly refer them to the correct resources by making the process inefficient, frustrating, and time consuming.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like a formal, department-wide referral system that all Health Department staff use.

How could technology solve this?

An internal dashboard could be created with forms that department staff could fill out whenever they need to make a referral to a specific division.