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#76 Teach Coding to Youth

There are many children in Baltimore (e.g., "squeegy" kids) with the potential to excel at programming if given the opportunity but lack the education to do so.

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Jun 28, 2022


Aug 16, 2019


Why it matters

Youth need opportunities to enter the workforce with marketable skills, especially in a high-unemployment city like Baltimore. Coding is a relatively accessible, high value skill that can be acquired through self-directed learning, especially for digital natives. Investing in coding education in schools could provide students with job opportunities right out of high school without the need for a college degree, allowing them more opportunities to support their families, build generational wealth, pay for more education, educate others in coding, start businesses, and invest capital in their peers' businesses.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like more organized, equitable coding education in public schools and programs that enable students to self-direct and share their learning.

How could technology solve this?

There could be more organization and evangelizing of apps, websites, and online courses aimed at teaching youth to code.