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#58 Non-Fatal Overdose Dashboard

Baltimore's Emergency Medical System (EMS) within the Fire Department currently receives non-fatal overdose data across the city on a daily basis but does not have a way to automatically process and visualize it.

Champion Name

Darcy Phelan-Emrick




Jun 27, 2022


Aug 14, 2019


Why it matters

Dr. Wen declared opioid overdose to be a public health emergency in Baltimore in 2015, and overdose has continued to be a leading cause of mortality in the city (see These deaths can be prevented through behavioral health services and the administration of medications like naloxone, and accurate data is needed to bring resources and medicine to the most affected areas of the city.

What does "good" look like?

Good would be a significant reduction in fatalities from overdose and fewer overdoses overall.

How could technology solve this?

The Baltimore City Health Department would like to have a dashboard visualization that automatically tracks and displays all non-fatal overdose data. In addition, once this visualization is available and enough data is collected, would be a useful continuation to be able to make predictions about issues before they occur or provide early intervention before issues get worse.