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#57 Substance Abuse Disorder Real Time Capacity Tracker

The Baltimore City Health Department has a real time substance use disorder tracker in our Charm Care tool( The current real time capacity tracker is tracking beds for substance abuse disorder and we would love if it also tracked the buprenorphine providers across the city (this is a medication to treat substance disorder such as opioids).

Champion Name

Shelly Choo




Jun 28, 2022


Aug 10, 2019


Why it matters

This matters because we don't have enough providers that have the treatment across Baltimore City and knowing which providers have the capacity to provide treatment would help help us access and treat more at risk patients across the city.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like an extension of our tool where our internal Health Department stakeholders and partners are easily able to see and route patients to the treatment they need in a more efficient way. Providers can easily note how many staff members can prescribe buprenorphine.

How could technology solve this?

Technology can help to automate much of this process through the extension of our existing tool.