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#55 Police Accountability App

Trust and accountability are important aspects of police and community relations. Law enforcement has a hard job to do and they don’t always get the best tools, technology, or resources to complete that job. This can lead to a jurisdiction that isn’t as equipped as it’s counterparts in the state or across the country and can make it difficult to attract and retain high level talent in the department. This is also an issue from a public perspective that we a police force that isn’t as well equipped to serve our community.




Jun 27, 2022


Aug 8, 2019


Why it matters

It is frustrating and time consuming for our law enforcement officers to have to spend time doing manual tasks that take away from building relationships and working and serving the community. As the population ages and more and more millennials join the force they are looking for job opportunities that leverage technology and not having it will make it hard to recruit and retain them.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like an app where the public can see (on an aggregate level) how equipped our law enforcement officers are as compared to the rest of the state and country. We can ensure that they have the latest and greatest resources they need to perform.

How could technology solve this?

By having an online system that is easy to visualize and navigate the public can stay informed.