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#54 Bmore Transportation App

Getting in, and around the city can be difficult especially when dealing with public transportation. We are in need of a better transportation app that can manage real time information such as light rails being shut down or street closures that could affect travel or commute plans. Those that may travel into the city aren’t immune either, knowing which parking garages are actually open would help plan out trips into the city as well.




Jun 28, 2022


Aug 8, 2019


Why it matters

It matters because it makes what would have been an enjoyable trip into Baltimore or a community a frustrating one for everyone involved.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like an app that I can enter in where I am going or it already know based on my calendar and gives up to date information on road closures, directions, and tips while traveling to get me to my destination on time.

How could technology solve this?

I think we could leverage a lot of what Google maps already has and add a few more features around it such as the ability to sign in and receive notifications and alerts on planned trips or commutes.