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#53 Access to Homeless Services - Bystander Help

Man who is homeless went to the Dept of Housing for help but was they couldn't help him. (Don't have full context, but to note, homeless services are managed by the Mayor's Office of Human Services - though it is reasonable that a citizen may not readily know this.)


Baltimore City


Jun 27, 2022


Aug 13, 2019


Why it matters

People who are homeless (and presumably have little access to technology/internet services) do not necessarily know where to go for services based on their needs. In this example, the man was ready to help himself and willing to take a step, however was unable to determine where to go next.

What does "good" look like?

Ability for anyone to go into a city services/government building and be directed to the right city service (in this instance, being directed from the dept of housing where he started to homeless services at the office of human services or a line to 211/311 for more information).

How could technology solve this?

Potential aide to the issue may be an app for homeless services in Baltimore City - folks in need can approach someone and instead of asking for money or food can ask for help finding services in the city (food, shelter, etc). Possibly integrated with ride sharing/transportation app to help person in need get where needed. Maybe allow person who is accessing the app to "donate a ride" to get the person in need where they need to go.