Education Created

#4 Teacher Resources for Education in City Public Schools

Teachers and administrators are underpaid and under-supported, especially in underfunded schools, inhibiting their ability to serve their students fully.

Why it matters

When teachers and administrators lack the resources and support they need to do their jobs and address student issues, they are less effective in their jobs. Challenges faced by teachers include student underperformance, violence, disruption, and truancy, and teachers who aren’t empowered to address these issues aren’t able to cultivate a strong learning environment for their students.

What does "good" look like?

Teachers / administrators feel prepared to address these challenges and have the support and resources needed to do so. Teachers are able to either resolve these issues themselves or reach the right "life line" who can.

How could technology solve this?

Connect Baltimore teachers and leverage the expertise of leaders in the Baltimore community to better support students. To support this, we could create a communications platform that could include topic areas such as "Performance," "Health & Welness," "Safety," etc. where teachers could post problems they see their students facing and crowd-source solutions from both their fellow teachers and from community experts (counselors, child psychologists, doctors, social workers, etc).