Education Created

#3 Infrastructure/Environment - Safety

Students feel unsafe when they come to school, because their safety is threatened by a variety of issues in their schools and in their communities (including violence and drug abuse).

Why it matters

In recent years, Baltimore has been considered one of the least safe cities in the country, and this lack of security has had negative impacts on Baltimore students. Students’ learning is inhibited when they worry about personal safety in their homes, communities, and schools, and they need a safe space to learn and thrive without fear. Police / security figures stationed in schools may further promote fear amongst students.

What does "good" look like?

All students within the BCPS system have a healthy, modern learning environment that supports their education and makes them feel valued as individuals.

How could technology solve this?

Leverage the power of the community to better track and respond to pressing infrastructure issues. By enabling residents to self-report issues and rank them in terms of importance / safety, we could create a powerful map of school-related infrastructure needs across the city and easily identify the most urgent ones. Armed with this data, advocates would be better equipped to call on city officials to address these concerns.