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#277 Matchmaking Platform for Local Involvement

There are many communities/initiatives in the city for connecting people that don't have the means for exposure beyond their community or that may have priorities that are higher than exposure, but there may be needs that other people can help meet outside of that group. How do we make the needs of the group transparent so that people with a giving spirit can help?

Champion Name

Ganesha Martin


May 26, 2022


Nov 7, 2019


Why it matters

The more we can connect people, the more we can start to break down walls/barriers. This is probably best served with an example - an organization like Mothers of Murdered Sons ( serves as a resource to mothers who may experience the unthinkable loss of a child to homicide; the organizers are largely focused on helping mothers process what they are experiencing. The organization may have other things they would like to do - such as providing teddy bears to young children who have lost loved ones to violence - and there may be folks who are not immediately impacted who have the means (time, money, emotional energy) to donate money or time to help this cause.

What does "good" look like?

An ability to find organizations in the city to help them further their mission.

How could technology solve this?

Maybe a matchmaking type resource where people looking to give can see organizations, their purpose, their needs, etc in one place. This may be something that can be built as an expansion to the Charm Care resource directory (