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#272 Tracking the Impact of New Development in Baltimore

"Up and coming' is a term that is used when referring to many Baltimore neighborhoods. But what is the impact of major development projects on the community? This is something that can be more nebulous and difficult to track.


Across Baltimore City


Jun 27, 2022


Sep 26, 2019


Why it matters

Gentrification is a major issue in Baltimore. And as certain neighborhoods get wealthier and more "desirable," there is often a hidden cost to long-term -- and often black -- residents.

What does "good" look like?

We are better able to track the potential impact of new development in Baltimore.

How could technology solve this?

If we could start using predictive analytics to begin modeling the potential impact of new development (on everything from resident demographics to expected rent and income levels to public safety and the impact on the existing community), we could more accurately weigh the pros and potential serious cons of development on specific neighborhoods.