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#265 Reducing Discriminatory Hiring Practices

"Unconscious bias is a real issue [in the hiring process] and not the fault of the hirer, but rather the systems and processes he/she is given to work with to facilitate their decision making... Something as simple as a name on a resume can result in instant judgment. Biases on sex, race, location, and character have been made without anyone involved making a recognized, conscious decision to do so." (Source:

Champion Name

Meghan Butler




Aug 15, 2022


Sep 26, 2019


Why it matters

The only thing that should matter when hiring is whether a candidate has the skills to do the job and has values that align with the company.

What does "good" look like?

Reduction of bias in hiring practices. Shedding light on this issue to help hiring managers and interviewers become aware of their unconscious biases.

How could technology solve this?

Technology can be used to start to remove some of the ways that inherent, unconscious bias arises in the hiring process by screening out information outside of qualifications/relevant experience. Tech could also be used to implement a platform for unconscious bias training for companies to share with not only people doing hiring but also all employees to combat unconscious bias.