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#263 Map Baltimore City Sewage Backup Data

Baltimore's aging sewer system is a source of pollution and home destruction in the city. In fact, the city is currently under fire for failing to reimburse Baltimore citizens who have had sewage backups damage their basements (source:

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Jarune Uwujaren




May 26, 2022


Sep 25, 2019


Why it matters

Baltimore City has avoided taking responsibility for sewer issues in the city, claiming that rejected claims of reimbursement were due to a failure to follow reimbursement program rules. This means that the majority of Baltimore residents who experience sewage backups must shoulder the cost of failing city infrastructure, even after taking what they thought were the appropriate steps toward reimbursement.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like the City reimbursing a greater percentage of sewage backup victims for damages to their home and taking more responsibility for the condition of city sewers.

How could technology solve this?

Technology to help with this problem could take the form of a publicly viewable map or list of 311 calls regarding sewage backups in the city and the action taken by the government in terms of repair or reimbursement. This could assist with bringing visibility to the problem and holding the city more accountable for taking action. It could also demonstrate the cost to citizens or the Government for responding to sewage backups.