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#253 Fix the Baltimore 311 App

The Baltimore City 311 app does not work as intended and is a source of frustration for Baltimore citizens. A 2018 overhaul of the app led to multiple one-star reviews claiming that it's now less functional that it was before. (Source:

Champion Name

Jarune Uwujaren




Jun 28, 2022


Sep 25, 2019


Why it matters

It cost the city $2.6 million to upgrade the Baltimore 311 app, which is still receiving negative reviews. 311 is an important way for citizens to quickly bring non-emergency issues to the Government's attention, and the frustration of reaching the Government through 311 leads to inefficiency, inaction, and public distrust.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like the 311 app having a, three-, four-, or five-star rating in the app store.

How could technology solve this?

Open source software could be used to build a new, lightweight, more functional app that doesn't cost a lot of money to implement or maintain but reduces headaches for users.