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#246 Safe Drinking Water in Public Schools

As of 2018, ~170 Baltimore City Public Schools were still relying on bottled drinking water due to lead-tainted plumbing.




Jun 27, 2022


Sep 25, 2019


Why it matters

Because BCPS pays a significant amount of money every year on bottled water every year, bottled water is not sustainable, and our children deserve to have schools that are lead-free.

What does "good" look like?

Good looks like revamping Baltimore City Public Schools' infrastructure to ensure that they're lead-free and that students, staff, and teachers can safely drink from sinks and water fountains.

How could technology solve this?

There is a serious lack of visibility into this issue: many Baltimoreans are unaware of how pervasive lead-tainted plumbing is throughout our city's schools, and this means that there is a lack of mobility around solving this problem. Developing an app that visualizes which schools have unsafe drinking water would be a solid first step. This app could also feature capability that would allow students, teachers, and parents to report a school's drinking water as being unsafe.