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#2 Environment/Infrastructure - Building Maintenance

There has been a lack of consistent upkeep of Baltimore City Public School (BCPS) buildings in recent years. Students don't feel valued when they have to learn in old, poorly-maintained buildings, and structures that lack necessary amenities (such as adequate heat and air conditioning) not only inhibit student learning, but can be hazardous to students' health.


Jun 27, 2022


May 1, 2019


Why it matters

Many school buildings within the BCPS system are old and have not undergone updates that would provide students and educators with a safe and comfortable learning environment. Some BCPS buildings have no heating and/or air conditioning, lead in the pipes, or other issues that threaten student and educator health and safety. This creates an environment in which students don’t feel valued, undermining teachers’ ability to effectively educate. While the state does provide funding to help solve the public school infrastructure problem, Baltimore has struggled to effectively leverage these funds to address these serious issues.

What does "good" look like?

All students within the BCPS system have a healthy, modern learning environment that supports their education and makes them feel valued as individuals.

How could technology solve this?

Leverage the power of the community to better track and respond to pressing infrastructure issues. By enabling residents to self-report issues and rank them in terms of importance / safety, we could create a powerful map of school-related infrastructure needs across the city and easily identify the most urgent ones. Armed with this data, advocates would be better equipped to call on city officials to address these concerns.