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#12 Unemployment - Opportunity Seekers Needing Help

Although unemployment rates have been steadily dropping in Baltimore, this is still a major issue in the City. Despite Baltimore’s strong startup community and a growing job market, opportunity seekers struggle to find jobs that align with their skill sets and passions, while employers struggle to find and retain qualified candidates.

Why it matters

Many un- and under-employed Baltimoreans face significant barriers when trying to find the resources needed to identify the training, educational, and career opportunities available to them. Lack of access to reliable transportation creates further barriers to employment. Entrepreneurs and business owners also have difficulty attracting and retaining qualified candidates due to a limited local labor pool, lack of access to capital, and lack of internal resources. Although there are workforce development specialists that seek to connect these job seekers with employers, these personnel often have limited resources, lack a systemic understanding of Baltimore, and rely on old, stale data.

What does "good" look like?

All Baltimore residents have access to the training, education, and job opportunities needed to live full and healthy lives; entrepreneurs have access to the skilled labor pool they need to support their businesses; workforce development specialists have the data and support they need to connect these groups.

How could technology solve this?

One of the root causes of this problem is a lack of access to good data. If workforce development specialists had access to better data, they could more easily connect the needs of employers and job seekers. By connecting un- and under-employed residents with training in industries with the greatest need, we can bridge the gap between job seekers and potential employers.