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#243 StreetSmart App for Traffic and Roadway Planning Housing

Cities often add road segments in order to improve traffic, but in reality, this can backfire and increase overall travel times. This is a phenomenon known as Braess's Paradox (https://devpost.com/software/streetsmart-nu13s5).

#244 Free Rider Problem Housing

There are people who use Baltimore City resources that don't pay to support them, including commuters who live outside the city and drive on Baltimore roadways but don't pay taxes that go toward upkeep of these roadways.

#245 Housing First Approach Housing

Homelessness is a type of housing crisis, and many programs require people to be "housing ready" (e.g., sober, complying with treatment or other life change plans) to access housing assistance programs.

#265 Reducing Discriminatory Hiring Practices Workforce Development

"Unconscious bias is a real issue [in the hiring process] and not the fault of the hirer, but rather the systems and processes he/she is given to work with to facilitate their decision making... Something as simple as a name on a resume can result in instant judgment. Biases on sex, race, location, and character have been made without anyone involved making a recognized, conscious decision to do so." (Source: https://www.hrtechnologist.com/articles/recruitment-onboarding/technology-reducing-discrimination-in-hiring/#)

#268 Meal.ly - Solving food waste and starvation Housing

People are unable to access or afford food for themselves or their families. At the same time, food that is expired or unable to be sold in restaurants and stores for various reasons is trashed and thus wasted.

#275 Timing Traffic Lights Transportation

I don’t think the traffic lights are timed to optimize traffic flows.